Hot Power Yoga

This is the most traditional class that The Yoga Studio offers. Guided through a sequence of classical postures, where the breathing system naturally detoxifies the body, it contains elements of strength, flexibility, and endurance.Postures can be held for 30 seconds or more, giving the student a real chance to explore the pose and find their edge while focusing on the breath and the journey “inward.” 

Ashtanga Flow

Based on the eight limb path of yoga, this is a traditional practice with slight variations. You’ll have the opportunity to learn postures from the primary series of Ashtanga yoga. This class is ideal for beginner students wishing to learn more about the basics of each posture as well as the advanced practitioner desiring to take some of the postures to new levels.

Candlelight Vinyasa

Comparable to our traditional Vinyasa class, only with a more relaxed edge. This heated, one-hour evening class will combine moving meditation, creative flows, and breathwork, with gentle music to enhance your experience. This class will be around 90 degrees.

Evening Flow

A peaceful way to finish your day! This class brings Hot Vinyasa and Slow flow together for a truly unique yoga experience. Similar to our traditional flowing classes, Evening Flow will give you all the powerful benefits of the yoga practice, but with a softer and gentler approach. Restorative and meditation included. End your day the right way with Evening Flow! This class will be around 80 degrees.

Hatha Flow

Drawing on the ancient traditions of Hatha Yoga, this all-level class links breath with movement in a gentle, flowing sequence. A balance of sustained postures and moving meditation, this practice both restores and revitalizes the body and mind. Strong emphasis on alignment enhances the therapeutic benefits of the postures. Modifications are always offered in order to customize the practice to the student’s individual level and/or specific physical issues. A thoroughly relaxing yet energizing experience.

Movement and Meditation

A practice incorporating movement, yin, and meditation. A balance between these components of the yoga practice to help return us to our true nature – bliss. Leave feeling restored and renewed, ready to take on whatever comes your way.

Opening Hours

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