Why Should We Do Yoga Nidra?

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Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra Defintion:

Yoga Nidra is defined as the yogic sleep or dynamic sleep in between wakefulness and dreaming state.

How to practice:

Yoga Nidra is is a guided meditation technique that involves conscious, systematic relaxation, and breath awareness and it is usually practiced lying down with a teacher guiding the session.
the teacher instructs the students to aware of each part of the body from top to bottom; just like full-body scanning.

Basic principle:

The basic principle behind Yoga Nidra is when the body relaxes, the mind inwardly alert and consciously aware of the thought patterns.
focus your awareness on breathing, bodily sensation, emotions, and thoughts.

Who is it for:

The Yoga Nidra is suitable for the individual suffering from sleep deprivation, anxiety attack, depression, etc.


Yoga Nidra comes from Sankya philosophy. the people were practicing yoga Nidra since times immemorial!. Patanjali and Budha were famous proponents of the yoga Nidra technique.


The world is getting more and more complicated. the people stimulated the information from the internet, social media, society,t.v programs, etc. so the individual normally doesn’t have the time to withdraw their mind and body from the overstimulating environment. The yoga Nidra technique offers a simple and profound way to calm down our entire body and mind by simply observe the entire body and breathing sensation.
conscious breathing helps us to accumulate immense energy in our mind-body system. it will detoxify our entire body and mind.
so let’s starts our journey into the inner mysterious world!

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