7 Benefits of Yoga

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7 Benefits of Yoga

The term yoga is defined as the union between body, mind, and soul. yoga is not confined to a single religion, rather than it’s a way of living. The primary aim of yoga is to calm down the disturbances of the mind and gets tranquility and peacefulness.

The benefits of yoga are given below.

1.The attainment of perfect balance and equilibrium

The term Asana refers to the physical postures in yogic science. Yoga Sutras of Patanjali define “asana” as “a position that is steady and comfortable”.using asanas the individual can easily attain physical balance as well as mental balance.

2.Promote self-healing

when the mind and body get rejuvenated our body cells get activated and it starts to detoxify the toxic material from the body.

3.Enhances mental power

when the mind becomes tranquil and peaceful then it can activate the inactive parts in the brain. so it leads to the enhancement of certain mental capacity.

4.It gives greater awareness

The pranayama plays an important role to enhances awareness in our system. using certain breathing patterns can reduce the disturbances of the mind and it leads to peacefulness and tranquility.

5.Increase in concentration

The yogic breathing pattern helps to reduce the chattering of the mind and it leads to a greater level of concentration and awareness.

6.Reduces stress and tension

Stress is a method of the body to react to any physical, environmental, or psychological challenges.it leads to an avalanche of thoughts and negative feelings. using the control of the prana or breathing pattern, we can neutralize the stress response.

7.Improvement of relationship

when mind and body get purified it leads to better thoughts and emotions. and it leads to better relationships and harmony with people.


The basic aim of yoga is to bring physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual balance and tranquility. when the mind and body become calm and quiet we can access the higher levels of consciousness or altered states of consciousness.

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