3 Reason for people Lost their Jobs

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“Whatever you experience in your life is really but the outpicturing of your own THOUGHTS AND BELIEFS!”

When Corona Hits like a thunderbolt. the ordinary people scattered, afraid. They were terrified by the severity of the COVID 19 Pandemic.
Pandemic followed by the recession, the companies forced to cut their employee. so ‘ordinary faithful’ employees shocked, they were horrified and terrified!
But I look at this issue from a different angle with my own experience. I find out some interesting causes for this phenomenon.

1.People Are EASY TO REPLACE!!
When we scrutinize the state of jobless people, they are easy to replace. they have ‘ORDINARY SKILL’.

2.Not having Special Skill
They have no special skills like Communication skills, interpersonal skills, influencing skills, public speaking skills, writing skills, blogging skill, and other creative skills. They are satisfied with their ‘skill’ and suffering LIFE!

3.Lack of money-making skill
The money is the by-product of how much I can be helpful to others.
high earning skills include communication skills, entrepreneurial skills, interpersonal influencing skills, blogging skills, video making skills, writing skills, and other creative skills.

So if we are lack this skill set, we will remain in a ‘mediocre state’ of life, we would be live with the mercy of other clever people till the end of our suffering life!.

we would be satisfied with our mediocre salary with the HIGHER level of STRESS, UNHAPPINESS, FINANCIAL BURDEN with ‘TOO MUCH BUSY!!’.So practically we have no money, time for family, friends, and self-development, etc.
So self-empowerment with nurturing of higher-earning skills with the right financial knowledge and skill set will free us from a ‘MEDIOCRE LIFE’!

Empower ourselves with the right mindset, skillset, beliefs. reprogramme our mind with the right beliefs, thoughts, emotions with inspired action. when we change inside, outside will change!,We are the spark of DIVINE FORCE!!

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