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“One who maintains equilibrium, mental equilibrium, under all circumstances. You cannot surprise a Yogi, make him angry, or disturb the tranquillity of his mind; no event can do that. That kind of balanced tranquillity of the mind is a result of the practice of Yoga.Such a Yogi is called a Stitha Pragna


Why Yoga ?

Yoga is the stopping of the movement or the disturbances or vibrations of the mind-stuff. Yoga is the practice by which the mind, which is constantly moving up and down, in and out, this side and that side, is made to settle down; it becomes tranquil, motionless, and one-pointed. This is the basic aim of Yoga

The practice of friendliness to all living beings.

The practice of not causing injury to other living beings..

Asanas which bring about physical and mental wellbeing.

Control the movement of life energies or Prana in our system .

Fix our attention on something when we require and to withdraw it when required.

Fix one’s attention exclusively on what one wants to.


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